“Nature is the Only Show in Town”

“Nature is the Only Show in Town”

Nature is the only show in town right now, so this guide might provide some structure for how to engage it in a contemplative way. If you agree, feel free to share it. For more ideas for how to connect to creation during COVID: https://arocha.ca/10-ways-to-connect-to-creation-during-covid-19/

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Creation Contemplation.” Here’s how it works:

Take a walk outside or just sit and observe what is around you. Notice the various aspects of creation — the sky, the sun, clouds, trees, plants, flowers, grass, ground, rocks, animals, birds, people.

Let yourself be attracted to one thing (e.g. clouds, trees, rocks, etc).

Use the method of visio divina to contemplate this one thing:

  • Spend time observing it, but not judging it — noticing things about it that attract your attention. Touch, smell, taste or listen to it if you can. When your mind wanders, return your attention gently to this thing and continue to observe.
  • Consider what memories or emotions are stirred by this encounter with creation. Be with those memories or emotions and explore them.
  • Finally, notice what the Spirit’s invitation is through this encounter. What is revealed to you about God’s love? About yourself? About how God has created and is still creating?
  • Talk to God as you would a friend about this.