What’s all this talk about Hybrid Church?

What’s all this talk about Hybrid Church?

Over the past year, if you have been around Seeds, you have heard the statement that, “We are doing a Hybrid model of church.” Hopefully this short article will explain the why and what of Hybrid Church. For a fuller discussion, check out the latest Define the Relationship podcast, where Ted and Darlene get into the nitty gritty of what’s going on.

What’s a Hybrid? A hybrid is what you get when you combine two different things to create a new thing. We know about Hybrid cars, that run on electricity and gasoline, creating a very fuel efficient and ecologically friendly way of getting around. We also may know of hybrid seeds, that combine characteristics of two different plants to get a better plant.

What’s a Hybrid Church? In some senses at Seeds we have always been a Hybrid church, because we have emphasized both our large group gatherings (Sunday morning worship services) and smaller group gatherings (Cell Groups, Children’s Ministry, etc.).

But in this season we are thinking of ways, and experimenting with different ways of doing/being church. At Seeds we have always been experimental, trying out stuff and seeing if it works or makes sense to who we are.

Why are we doing Hybrid Church? We began experimenting with Hybrid church this past year, as we managed all of the many restrictions and adaptations to how we could meet. We started using the language of Hybrid, at the time when we couldn’t meet in person as a large group, but we did have the ability to meet in small groups at the eXchange building.

Although we are presently less limited in how many people can meet in our private homes and we are a small enough church to meet safely as a larger group, we have continued to sense that there are many opportunities with pursuing a variety of types of meeting. Some of what is driving this approach are the following things we have noticed and sensed in our community.

  • people continue to live at the limits of their physical, mental and spiritual capacity. To commit at this moment to a full slate of worship services (with the volunteer base needed) seems unwise.
  • although we are quite open in what we can do right now, we want to remain ready to respond to new waves in the pandemic and potential tightening of restrictions.
  • there are many issues and plans that we want to process as a community (Next20, indigenous reconciliation,etc.) and we see how a Hybrid model will give us increased flexibility to engage this, without piling on too many responsibilities to our leaders and community.

What will Hybrid Church look like at Seeds and what do I need to know to participate? For the foreseeable future, we will move back and forth between “A” Sundays and “B” Sundays. (These aren’t especially catchy titles, but we are struggling with finding the right language to describe the differences.)

“A” Sundays (September 12th was our first one) – Consist of larger community worship gatherings where we come together to Sing, Learn about God, ourselves and others, and come to the Lord’s Table to eat a communion meal. This gathering is much like we have always done with some tweaks.

“B” Sundays (September 19th is our first one) – Consist of a slate of options and opportunities that will change depending on what is happening. This Sunday there are 2 options: Pop Up Cell and Prairie Church. ( Seeds have many Cell groups that meet on a regular basis, but this Pop Up Cell is an opportunity for people who aren’t a part of a regular Cell but would like a small group experience.) The cool thing is there is no commitment needed. Just show up and you will be led by Ted Enns-Dyck in this experience.

Prairie Church is a chance to connect to God, yourself and to others in an outdoor environment. The details for both Pop Up Cell and Prairie Church are here.


Our Hybrid model will alternate back and forth between A and B Sundays for the foreseeable future. If you have any questions or suggestions contact us at office@seedschurch.ca