The Gardens on Tenth

The Gardens on Tenth

June 20thth 2022

Dear Churches, 

We are pleased to announce that Gardens on Tenth, along with Rhineland Area Ministerial and the Altona Memorial Health Center have been successful in filling the Spiritual Care Coordinator position. 

We ask that you join us in welcoming Ray & Marilynn Hamm who have accepted the role of Spiritual Care Coordinator. They started their position in The Apartments at the end of May and are now familiarizing themselves with their roles and responsibilities in Eastview and at the Altona Memorial Health Center. 

We also want to announce that the partnership agreement between the Rhineland Area Ministerial, Gardens on Tenth and the Altona Memorial Health Center has been re-signed by all parties for another year. 

Foundational to the agreement is a commitment by the Rhineland Area Ministerial to continue to support and fund the position.  

A Spiritual Care committee has been formed that will be in place to support the Spiritual Care Coordinator in their role. The Committee consists of administrators from both Eastview and The Gardens on Tenth, a member of the Rhineland Area Ministerial and a board member from the Gardens on Tenth.   

As you know, the Spiritual Care Coordinator Program is administered by The Gardens on Tenth, but it is 100% dependent on funding from our churches. 

We thank you for your patience over the past several months as we worked to fill the position with people suited for this very important role.

Thank-you for your ongoing and continued support of the Spiritual Care Coordinator program.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Lisa Smiley

Managing Director