The Gardens on Tenth

The Gardens on Tenth


Report to the Churches for 2022

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by and we are still in the midst of the Pandemic. And although there are still restrictions in place, we managed to have a better year at The Gardens on Tenth and certainly in The Apartments. 

Prior to the beginning of the Omicron our buildings were once again busy with entertainment, volunteers, group activities, devotions, and Sunday services. The Apartments Tenants were once again able to visit with family and friends, and families came in for many visits, meals, and BBQs together. Tenants were able to gather with each other and with family to celebrate special events as well as Christmas. What a change from the Previous year of lockdowns and loneliness! 

In the Apartments we find ourselves very fortunate to have avoided any Covid-19 outbreaks over the past year.  This is due to the care and compassion shown for our Tenants by families and staff, as well as a community that is understanding and observing of the restrictions imposed by the Government. We are thankful for families and their patience and understanding. And we are fortunate in the amazing staff we have working within all our buildings. 

At the end of December 2019, we received a resignation from the Chaplain who was in place at that time. We had someone who had previously held the position return to provide spiritual care to Tenants in both The Apartments and at Eastview from January 2020 to March 23rd, 2020, and again from June 2020 to November 2020. The gaps in Spiritual Care were due to the restrictions during those time periods. When Eastview and The Apartments closed to the Public, this included closing to the Chaplain but after a few months we were able to have them return to The Apartments although not being a staff member of the RHA they could not return to provide spiritual care to the tenants who resided at Eastview. 

Because of Pandemic restrictions and the resignation from the Chaplain at the end of 2019, David Wiebe, head of our Spiritual Care Committee and the Rhineland Area Ministerial were provided an opportunity to do a complete review of the Spiritual Care Program.  It was determined that this was an opportune time to make some significant changes.  A committee was struck to review the program and come up with a recommendation.  Discussions were held with Management at the Altona Health Centre and out of this came a new proposal that was approved by Rhineland Area Ministerial.

The Chaplaincy position was renamed “Spiritual Care Coordinator” and the Spiritual Care Coordinator would now divide their time for tenants in The Apartments, Eastview Personal Care Home and the Altona hospital. But most importantly the Spiritual Care Provider would become an employee of Southern Health, and this way when Altona Memorial Health Center and Eastview closed to the public again, the Spiritual Care Provider was able to continue providing spiritual care in all 3 facilities. 

And although we went through a large part of the 3rd lockdown without in person spiritual care, we were again fortunate to find another individual who would provide spiritual care to the Tenants in the Apartments for the later part of winter and spring months until we were able to hire Levi. 

As you are aware we hired Levi Froese for the Spiritual Care Coordinator position in June of 2021 and the year finished strongly with very positive feedback from tenants, families, and staff at all 3 facilities.  Very recently the Spiritual Care Coordinator has taken a medical leave until February 13th, and we look forward to his return. In the meantime, we have had someone step in again to provide devotionals for our tenants. 

The Spiritual Care Coordinator position relies solely on donations to fund the coordination of professional spiritual care services for the tenants, patients, and families at The Gardens on Tenth, Eastview Personal Care Home and The Altona Memorial Health Center. 

We are convinced of the immense value of offering ongoing spiritual care in all our facilities and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate the ongoing support of the local and area churches. 

Thank you, 

Submitted by Lisa Smiley

Managing Director