Thank you Seeds Community

Thank you Seeds Community

We did it! We met as a community for worship at the eXchange this past Sunday for the first time in 6 months. Thank you to everyone who came to the first dual-service morning. The high level of co-operation in following the COVID-19 guidelines that are in place was encouraging. Next Seeds Worship Sunday is Sept. 27 @ 10 am & 11 am.

Sunday, Sept. 20, 10 am will be the first Seeds Cell Sunday. For more info, please read below:

Cell Group Gatherings

On Cell Group Gathering Sundays (every other Sunday beginning September 20) we encourage present Cell Groups to gather during the Sunday morning period. Although encouraged, we understand that some groups may choose to meet at other times during the week to accommodate their group’s specific needs. Space will be available at the eXchange for groups to meet if they are looking for more space to gather. We will ask groups to let the office know if they want space, so that we can appropriately designate for groups.

We will also offer a Popup Cell Environment to make space for people who do not have a regular Cell Group to participate with on these mornings. These groups will begin at 10am and will be led by Darlene and/or Ted. We will encourage existing Cell Groups to send some people to these Popup experiences on a rotational basis, so that there is some interaction between regular and Popup groups. Creative small group opportunities may happen as time goes by. (Forest Church, Issue Conversations, etc.) Some suggested content for cells are the ‘Define the Relationship podcast’ or other podcast material that Dar and Ted will continue to offer.

This proposal recognizes that plans will likely shift and adapt as things continue to change with the impact of COVID19 on our community, so we invite your patience and your input as we learn to be the church in a very difficult and unpredictable time. We also value your feedback and ideas on how to continue to make Jesus real in the coming months in practical and relevant ways for you and the people of our community. Peace to you as you navigate our present world.