Seeds Labyrinth Worship Service – March 24, 8am-12noon

Seeds Labyrinth Worship Service – March 24, 8am-12noon

Join us for the Labyrinth Worship Service at Seeds Church on Sunday, March 24, anytime from 8am-12noon with a focus on ‘Fast from Talking; Feast on Listening’.

What is a Labyrinth? A labyrinth is a prayer walk, symbolizing a desire to walk to the center…to our center, and to God’s center. To walk the labyrinth is to intentionally dial down all the other voices that cry for our attention in this season, and to simply clear a space where we just put one foot in front of the other with an intention to find rest in the center of God’s heart. You can walk the labyrinth with a friend, with a child, or on your own.

When you arrive on Sunday morning, help yourself to coffee, tea or hot chocolate and connect with others in the cafe and gathering area. When you’re ready, you can enter the worship center to walk a prayer labyrinth, to light a candle, to have communion, to draw, to journal, or to read a scripture text and reflect on a few questions. You may choose to participate in any or all of these options. All options will be self guided with no right or wrong way to participate. 

NO Camp Roots during Spring Break, March 24 & 31 

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