Rhineland and Area Food Bank Update

Rhineland and Area Food Bank Update

In May of this year, the Rhineland Area Food Bank will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of its inception. For all those years, we have been fortunate to have a location provided for us by the Altona Bergthaler Church. A few months ago, the Food Bank moved to a new location at 162 Centre Avenue, E., in Altona, a larger area with easier accessibility for disabled clients.

On Thursday, May 12, from 6:30 till 8:30 pm, we will be hosting an Open House and a 25th anniversary celebration at the new facility. We would be pleased if any members of your congregation could attend, tour the facility, and see how important your support is in providing food necessities to clients.

Formal opening will begin at 7 pm. We look forward to seeing you.