My plan for week 1:  Read the daily scripture passage with my family every day.  Use the SOAP method to generate discussion around the breakfast or dinner table.
What actually happened:  My boys and I did this one morning at breakfast.  Just one of the boys and I did it 2 more mornings and Curt (my husband) did it with one boy one evening.  I did it alone one morning.
Failed plan?  On the surface it looks like it.  What happened beneath what actually happened:  

–  Each person in our family read their Bible at least once this week.

–  There are at least 2 Bibles within ready reach in our house right now.

–  Both our boys found all of the passages without help each time they read.

–  I had the opportunity to pray and surrender my plan and ask God for HIS plan.  It was as simple as praying “God, in my opinion, I don’t think my plan worked very well this week.  Show me where you were in spite of me trying to control things.  What is YOUR plan?  I want to follow it!”

Candice Letkeman
Candice is married to Curt and is the leader of the iPray team at Seeds Church.