Playing with Kids – A Volunteering Opportunity

Playing with Kids – A Volunteering Opportunity

Next year, we are hoping to have the upstairs available for children to play in during the Worship Service.  The focus is on connecting to self, God, and others through meaningful play opportunities.

Over summer, the upstairs will receive a mini-makeover, hopefully, with new paint, new toys, and different spaces available for different kinds of play.

Play Spaces:

  1. Quiet Space – library, quiet individual play, cozy spots, calming music
  2. Active Space – swings, balancing blocks, mini-indoor playground
  3. Creative Space – coloring, paint, pastels, paper, etc…
  4. Imaginative play space – dress-up, lego, building, play kitchen, etc…
  5. Music Space – a place to explore simple instruments, dance, singing, etc… ideally a volunteer in this space could play an instrument and sing/jam with kids perhaps with songs we sing in the worship service (guitar, piano, drums)
  6. Adult Space – a comfortable, inviting space for adults/parents to be if they want to join their children upstairs.

Infant – the thinking is infants may enjoy exploring these spaces upstairs, but also that parents of babies may prefer to be closer to the worship center, perhaps making more baby-friendly spaces in the foyer/worship center.  


Ideally, we would like 1 volunteer/space for each Sunday.  Kids would be able to choose between spaces.  The volunteer’s only job is to manage the space/expectation/toys and more importantly engage and make connections with the kids through play.  

Is this something you’d be interested in volunteering for?

If so, are there certain spaces you’d like to volunteer in? Creative Space?  Music Space

Also, how often would you like to volunteer (every week, once a month, once every 2 months, once a year?

Please consider and I’d love to have a list of volunteers so I can put a schedule together over the summer.

Thank you so much,

Erin Funk-Wieler, Family Connections Leader

[email protected]