PDF of Seeds Pastoral Evaluation

In the Fall of 2016, Ted & Dar initiated a pastoral evaluation. The Seeds Vision Team (Candice Letkeman, Cal Funk & Jonathan Toews) took on the task and created evaluations for the Seeds community to fill out, either on paper or online. Ted & Dar were asked to complete a self-evaluation and then given the ‘raw data’ (without names attached).

The data was then compiled and pared down to recurring  themes the Vision Team and Ted & Dar observed after processing the feedback the evaluations provided.  This information was presented to the Seeds community on Sunday, May 28 as part of the morning worship service.

Please click on the link evaluation for a pdf of what was presented Sunday, May 28.

Questions or comments can be directed to the Seeds Vision Team…Candice Letkeman, Cal Funk and Jonathan Toews.