No Worship Services at Seeds this weekend!

No Worship Services at Seeds this weekend!

At Seeds we want to encourage our church community to practice recommended strategies for limiting the spread of COVID19, especially to limit its impact on people who are most vulnerable. For the latest information regarding best practices for dealing with this situation, we recommend this Manitoba government website. For a self-screening tool to determine whether you need to be tested for COVID-19 please visit the following website

To comply with the Public Health recommendations we are…

  1. Suspending Worship Services until further notice.
  2. Suspending rentals of the eXchange until further notice.
  3. Posting podcasts, videos & other information online at the Seeds website

During this time, we want to be a community that looks for ways to care for each other so check in with those in your circles.  Please contact any of the people listed below if you have any needs (physical, emotional, spiritual) that we can help with or if you notice any needs in those around you…

Darlene Enns-Dyck  Email: [email protected]  Cell: 204-304-9080

Ted Enns-Dyck  Email: [email protected]  Cell: 204-304-0635

Joan Funk  Email: [email protected]  Cell: 204-324-4469