New Public Health Restrictions – Our Response – November 13, 2021

New Public Health Restrictions – Our Response – November 13, 2021

Guided by governmental public health orders, Seeds is requiring that all eligible children and adults (ages 12 and up) in attendance for indoor services be fully vaccinated. For a full rationale of this leadership decision check out this post. “A” Sunday services will continue to be live streamed on our YouTube Channel to allow all to connect in that way.

Throughout the covid pandemic, we have all weathered the storms of difference. Our decision to require vaccinations for in-person worship (see post about details) was done with Seeds values and anchors in mind, primarily a posture of listening and moving with purpose.

Although there is a great deal of conversation around division and polarization in our community, Jesus followers are to be found among those most vulnerable, and that WILL create division. In our community it is those that are immunocompromised, young children and elderly among us. We don’t want them to bear more weight than is necessary, and are willing to center their access to in person connection. We invite unity around that in our community!

And thankfully anyone can connect via livestream at our YouTube Channel!!

We believe we need to foster love across the board. Remaining “neutral” is not love, so we all walk the lines – with grief, anger, weariness, and frustration. But our commitment is to not allow hate to be the outcome of those very real emotions! Let’s keep walking this journey out together!