Mennonite Church Manitoba Update

Mennonite Church Manitoba Update

Palm Sunday reflection

We celebrate Palm Sunday as a day of rejoicing in the midst of our season of Lent. We proclaim Jesus as our humble King with shouts of “Hosanna!” Yet Jesus knew what was in store for him in the coming week: confrontation, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, death. May we hold in faith these paradoxes of our own lives—our joys and sorrows, our praise and our grief—as we walk with Jesus this week toward the cross. -Michael Pahl, Executive Minister

MCM  Staff in our congregations

April 24: Laura Funk at Steinbach Mennonite Church
              Janet Peters at Elim Mennonite Church 
April 30: Laura Funk speaking at a retreat for Bethel Mennonite Church
May 1:   Michael Pahl at Fort Garry Menonite Fellowship
May 15: Michael Pahl at Morden Mennonite Church
              Melanie Neufeld at Arnaud Mennonite Church 

We Declare! Information 

Registration opens next week for Mennonite Church Canada’s Gathering 2022, “We Declare.” See the Gathering 2022 website for information about plenary speakers, workshops, and more. Mennonite Church Manitoba can send 11 general delegates (in addition to 5 MCM Board members and our 2 MC Canada Joint Council representatives). We are looking for delegates from across MCM reflecting our diversity as a regional church. Registration, accommodation, and travel costs will be covered. If you are interested in serving as a general MCM delegate, please email [email protected].
The MCM Nominating Committee will process potential delegates and make a recommendation of delegates to the MCM board for approval.

Spring at CMU

This Sunday, April 10, at 7:00pm, engage with the CMU story hearing reflections from CMU students, faculty, and alumni. Choral performances by CMU’s ensembles. Visit the webpage to participate. 

Stations at Home Street Mennonite Church- A group of artists in the congregation have created their own renditions of each Station of the Cross which will be displayed on the exterior wall of the building beginning April 9 (weather depending);folks are encouraged to stop by anytime during Holy Week to contemplate the images.

MCM Delegates for MC Canada Gathering 2022
Mennonite Church Manitoba is looking for delegates to attend the MC Canada Gathering in Edmonton, July 29-Aug 1. We need 11 general delegates to represent MCM at delegate sessions and 3 Young Leaders Experience participants (age 17-21) to take part in a delegate program geared for them. Registration, accommodation, and travel costs will be covered. Please see for more info, and contact [email protected] if you are interested.