Mennonite Church Manitoba Update

Mennonite Church Manitoba Update

Koinonia update 2

Our Gathering 2022 theme, “Shared Life: Together with God,” reflects the word koinonia found in 1 John 1:3. Koinonia is often translated “fellowship,” and we tend to think of fellowship as “being together,” often around food. But koinonia is more about “what we hold in common,” our “shared life” with each other and with God. As 1 John 1:3 itself shows, written in a letter because the author could not be in person, we can have koinonia with each other even when we are physically apart. Good news in these Covid times!
Visit the Gathering 2022 webpage for more info.

“We are in a climate emergency… However, there is good news.”

A new resource for our congregations, regional churches, and our nationwide church as we respond to the climate crisis. Leaders of Mennonite Church Canada are calling on the members, congregations and regional churches of Mennonite Church Canada to respond to the climate emergency.
Read the full release and four page document, and visit the new Webpage.

Sabbath Retreat – Mar 24 – 26

Laura Funk (MCM Spiritual Director-in-Residence) will facilitate a Sabbath Retreat at Camp Assiniboia. “Join us for refreshment and restoration as we take time to be loved in the heart of God. We will reflect together on Jesus’ experience during the transfiguration and what we can take from that into our own hearts and share with those among whom we live.”
Visit the Event page on the MCM Website.

Join the Day of Action for a Just Transition: March 12 We need a Just Transition to a sustainable future which prioritizes Indigenous people and workers in the energy sector. Here’s an opportunity for churches to advocate for one. Gather a group, write a letter to your MP, deliver it to their office on March 12. Here’s a helpful toolkit: Questions? Contact Josiah Neufeld ([email protected]) of the MCM Climate Action Working Group.

Mennonite Church Manitoba invites applications for the position of “Director of Leadership Ministries”. Visit the MCM website for job description.

MCM Annual Gathering 2022 – March 5. Delegates register through your church office. If you’re not a delegate, you’re still a welcome guest. Guests register on the webpage.