We have lots of good reasons to read the Bible more.  To make the Bible a larger part of our life.  But let's be honest.  The Bible is often very difficult to read.  Should I read the Psalms in the same way that I read the book of Revelation?  Are Leviticus and the Matthew equally important?  And if they are, in what way?  Is reading Genesis, the same as reading Lord of the Rings, or a Science text book?  In this series we will get a handle on how there is a wide variety of books in the Bible.  Not unlike what you experience in a large library. Understanding the differences will go a long way to getting the most out of our Bible engagement.

October 7,  2012 Reading the History Books Video-32
October 14, 2012 Reading the Prophetic Books Video-32
October 21, 2012 Reading the Wisdom Books Video-32
November 4, 2012 Reading the Law Books Video-32
November 11, 2012 Reading the Parables Video-32
November 18, 2012 Reading the Letters Video-32