MCI Update

MCI Update

We have now completed our first month of school and it feels like we’re starting to settle into our new routine. We are enjoying some new freedoms of restrictions which allowed us to host our Christian Life Retreat for students at Winkler Bible Camp from 22-24th. We had guest speakers, Kathy Giesbrecht, Richard Bage and Gerry Giesbrecht share on our theme of Loving Greatly – our God, our neighbors, ourselves. This time of intentional community building was transformative for staff and students.

A few other exciting things we’d like to share with you:

  • Our enrollment is encouraging and we currently have 80 students attending, with 4 additional students eagerly awaiting their visas to attend in second semester. Among our student body, nearly 40% are new this year. 50% of our students live on campus, and 50% commute from the surrounding communities each day.
  • We have been able to run a few outdoor sports during September and plan to continue into October.
    • Our mixed soccer team has been working on skill development these past few weeks, and won our first game of the season on Monday! We will be playing again this evening.
    • Boys and Girls volleyball teams have begun practicing and will attend their first tournament in Winkler this coming weekend.

In the coming days and weeks, we ask that you pray for us in the following ways:

  1. Pray for those feeling anxious and stressed about being back in school amidst COVID-19. Pray for the continued health and safety of our students.
  2. For the staff – that we are able to continue being patient and caring, and for energy as we find ways to provide unique opportunities for our students to have a somewhat normal high school experience within public health measures. 

Bulletin Announcements:

  1. We are hiring for a part-time Prep Cook to start immediately. For more information on the job duties and requirements, please visit or contact Ryan Potter, Director of Finance, at [email protected]