MCI Update

MCI Update

A few exciting things we’d like to share with you:

·         With the strong support of our donor base and the sacrifice of our staff, we were able to finish the financial year with a modest surplus, something we haven’t done since 2016. We thank God for the generosity we have received. 

·         Our enrollment is encouraging and we currently have 82 students attending, and hopefully another International student arriving in October. This is our highest student count in 4 years!

·         In the midst of a pandemic, physical activity remains as important as ever. We have been able to run a few outdoor sports in ways that comply with COVID-19 restrictions:

o   Our mixed Soccer Team has been working on skill development these past few weeks, and will play a couple of home-and-home exhibition series with other schools!

o   Our Golf Team has had a large number of students interested this year and they have been practicing at the driving range and playing a few practice rounds.

o   We have started a Biking & Running Club this year. There have been friendly competitions between students and staff along the way. Several donors have challenged the club to reach 2020 kms by the end of October. If they do, a generous donation will be made to our Tuition Support Fund. Anyone interested in contributing to this fundraiser can do so online.

In the coming days and weeks, we ask that you pray for us in the following ways:

  1. Pray for those feeling anxious and stressed about being back in school during this COVID-19 season.
  2. For the staff – that we are able to continue being patient and caring, and for energy as we navigate through this school year.

MCI Announcement:

·         Mennonite Collegiate Institute is seeking a part-time Prep Cook to start immediately. For more information on the job duties and requirements, please visit or contact Ryan Potter, Director of Finance,