MCC Update

MCC Update

Don’t miss the Centennial Celebration on Saturday, Nov 21 at 7pm! This memorable event will feature stories of MCC’s work, music, prayer and a time of thanksgiving. We hope to see you there, virtually! Visit to register.

University students, curious about how MCC advocates to the Canadian government? Learn about MCC Ottawa and how we are reshaping Canadian aid policy to create lasting change. Learn more and apply at

Give the perfect Christmas gift this season. Choose a goat, solar lanterns or a brood of chicks. Chickens provide eggs, meat and can boost income for families around the world. Purchase your Christmas Giving gift at or call 204-261-6381.

The Christmas Craft and Bake Sale has been cancelled due to COVID-19 limitations. If you have any questions about how you can support MCC’s Material Resources work contact us at 204-261-6381 or

Go for goats this Christmas. Goats are adaptable and easy to raise, even in small spaces. Goat milk can be sold or consumed, providing a crucial (and much-loved) asset for struggling families. Gift a goat at