Look at our Seeds Garden grow! Join the fun.

Look at our Seeds Garden grow! Join the fun.

On Sunday, June 2, we had a great time planting seeds and plants in the Seeds Garden Plot as part of the morning worship service. Now we need you to help it grow and produce. Thanks to those who have helped so far!

Week #1 – The Franz family kicked off the garden season and gave the seeds much needed water.

Week #2 – By middle of the week #2, Cal & Joan saw the garden begin to sprout!

Week #3 – Ted & Dar took time to weed and water and host a little visitor!

Week #4 – Paul & Carianne Peters brought much needed moisture to the rows of growing plants & seeds while Simon enjoyed the amenities of the Community Garden!

Week #5 – Jackie Nickel tended to the growing plants during a hot spell.

Week #6 – Jill & Sophie Weber Friesen took care of the weeds and look at the how much the plants have grown!

We have people signed up to take care of the plot for 1 week at a time until July 28. Come and join the experience! All the tools, water, etc are at the Community Garden for you to use. If you sign up, I will send a reminder email the week before and give you further details.

If you are interested in helping out for 1 week during August or September, please email [email protected] or text 204-324-4469.