Psalm 148

January 1st – for me it’s a day for looking forward, but also a day for reflecting.  I opened my Bible to Psalm 148 and saw the first word: Hallelujah!  I read the Psalm aloud, joining my praises with the palmist’s for God’s presence with me in this past year.

Fitting that I should be reading about praising God from the mountaintops as I gaze over the deck railing of a chalet at a ski resort.  I’m watching fat snowflakes fall gently from the clouds onto the branches of cedars at the edge of a lake.  Even though snow is not my personal favourite, I can more than appreciate the gift of beauty from the hand of the Creator.

As I read each line of praise, I find there is some connection I can make to what I’ve seen, experienced, or known about this past year.  The year has not been without its challenges, and when I ask God where he was through it all, and who he was for me, I am overcome with a sense of his closeness and peace.

Sometimes – actually, most times – we see more clearly upon reflection.  “Hindsight is 20/20” as the saying goes (though I would argue that, as all of our seeing has its degree of distortion).  However, I invite you to reflect today, or in the next day or two for sure – and ask God to reveal to you where he was and who he has been for you this past year.  Then wait for his answer to come.  Allow your mind and your heart to receive it.  And you may find yourself, as I did, joining the praises of the psalmist:

“Let them praise the name of God – it’s the only Name worth praising” (v.13)  And of course:  Hallelujah!!

Candice Letkeman

Candice is married to Curt and is the leader of the iPray team at Seeds Church.