Judges 4

Israel is oppressed under the rule of Jabin. Sisera was the commander of Jabin’s army. Deborah, the judge over Israel at that time, tells Barak that it’s time to attack Sisera.  Barak is willing but only if Deborah goes with him. She’s not impressed with his attitude.

Israel goes into battle and kills every soldier except for Sisera who runs away and eventually finds the tent of Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, a friend of Jabin the king of Canaan. Jael appears to help him but when he falls asleep she hammers a tent peg through his temple and kills him.

“On that day God subdued Jabin king of Canaan before the People of Israel. The People of Israel pressed harder and harder on Jabin king of Canaan until there was nothing left of him.” Verses 23-24.

Once again God, you hear your people crying and you respond. You save them from oppression and set them free. Even when there leader in Battle, Barak, has doubts and asks Deborah to join him. Had your people changed their ways at this point?

The 1st verse in Chapter 4 says…”The People of Israel kept right on doing evil in God’s sight. With Ehud dead, God sold them off to Jabin king of Canaan ……..

You sold them! Is that what it took to find you? Losing their freedom, losing their identity?

This rings true for me. It took me losing what I thought was my identity to make me realize who I was. Losing my false self was hard, like ripping flesh from flesh. Not at all easy  but looking at it now, I see how necessary it was. Loosing “it” lead to finding what “it” really is.


Cal Funk

Cal who is married to Joan, is the Director of Cell Ministry at Seeds Church and a part of the Leadership Team.