Lectio Divina {Divine Reading}

Read – Often when I read the scripture for the day, I pray for the Holy Spirit to draw my attention to what is “for me” in that reading.  Usually there is something that seems to jump off the page for me.  Some line, phrase, or even just a word captures my attention.  

Reflect – Then I interact with those words – I reflect on them and hold them up to what I have been experiencing lately.  I wonder how the words relate to me right now and take note of what comes to mind.

Respond – I let my thoughts and prayers interact with what these words have brought to the surface during reflection.  I ask Jesus who he is for me in this, and to show me who I am to him.

Rest – I give myself a bit of time to be quiet and just let Jesus’ love wash over me as I enjoy his presence.


John 1:9-14

Read – I found I was particularly drawn to the words about identity: “true selves” and “Child-of-God selves”.  But after reading the passage a second and then a third time, I was somewhat surprised to notice four little words right before those that had initially caught my attention:     "he made to be their true selves…” 

Reflect – I wondered what that was about.  Why was my attention drawn to those words?  What is significant about them today?    It seems I can’t be my true self just because I want to be, or because I try really hard to be.  It has nothing to do with just my own efforts.  It must be those words – "he made to be" – that make the difference.  I can’t do this on my own.  It is in him and with him that my true self is found.   

Respond – So what is my part in this?  How do I move toward becoming what I long to be – my true self?  What does Jesus have to say about it?  In John 1 it says that it’s whoever wants him, believes he was who he claimed and would do what he said that he makes to be their true selves.  And then I back up to verse 9 where it says “every person entering life he brings into the light”.  Every person.  Not just a few.  So that would mean each one of us.

Rest – I’m going to let that sink into my heart for a bit.

Candice Letkeman

Candice is married to Curt and is the leader of the iPray team at Seeds Church.