Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7

Observation: When I read the first few verses about people living in darkness, I can't help but think about some movies I've seen in which the characters in the movie hardly ever see the sun because of some horrible disaster, either natural or manmade. I'm always surprised how this effects me. I find I feel oppressed, squelched, 'dark' just because of the 'look' of the scenes. I find myself longing for some light to make the scenes look more hopeful.

This is similar to how I felt before I allowed the light of Jesus shine into the darkness of my soul. I had to get to a place where I was willing to be exposed before Jesus; a place where that risk was better than continuing under the darkness. To my surprise, I found I was not so much exposed as fully known and loved in spite of the darkness.

Application: Jesus is the light that both guides and directs us as well as exposes the darkness. Jesus' ability to expose is not for the purpose of punishment but for the ability to live a life that has no fear of being fully known. Public and private life are the same because they are both lived under the warmth of the life-giving light of Jesus. This is part of the "…wholeness he brings…" in verse 5.

Prayer: The older I get, the more I need light, both the natural light of sun and the life-giving light of the Son. Jesus, continue to teach me to live out of the wholeness You have brought into my life.

Joan Funk

Joan is married to Cal and is on the Lead Team at Seeds as the Equipping Director.