Genesis 1 and John 1:1-2

In Genesis we see the beginnings. It’s a beautifully poetic view of how God called all things into existence. I can visualize the separation of light and darkness, land and water, sky and earth. And as all this is forming, vegetation starts to grow, living creatures crawl out of the sea, the planet comes to life. Did this happen in 7 of our days? Does it matter if we visualize the process as if it were filmed using time lapse photography and we speed through the last billion years?  Not really!

Then in John 1: 1-2, we are told that the word (Jesus) was there at the beginning and God was present to the Word and the Word present to God. The Word was in readiness for God from day 1.  

I see this vision of Jesus and his Father watching as they orchestrate creation; aware of everything; in communion with everything and everyone. Bringing all creation to its designed and intended fullness. That creative process continues until today. “You” are still working in and through all that you’ve made. “You” are still actively tweaking your creation; still bringing new things to life.

Thank you Jesus, thank you for the image you’ve given me in your scriptures of how life began. And thank you for reminding me that the same power that created the foundations of the earth is still alive and at work today, here, in me, through me, around me. There is hope in that, there is life in that!  Thank you.

Jesus' reply:

“Cal, the picture is coming into focus for you. You're stepping outside of the futility of the managed life and beginning to experience the adventurous life I planned for you. Breathe in the pure air of creation; drink the clean refreshing water; explore all that I created for you. It’s yours to explore, don’t be afraid. Run, laugh, enjoy!


Cal Funk

Cal who is married to Joan, is the Director of Cell Ministry at Seeds Church and a part of the Leadership Team.