Following a tearful moment, Carol hugs one of her favourites

Acts 10

Scripture –  vs 26 The minute Peter came through the door, Cornelius was up on his feet greeting him—and then down on his face worshiping him! Peter pulled him up and said, “None of that—I’m a man and only a man, no different from you.”

Vs 35 God plays no favorites! It makes no difference who you are or where you’re from—if you want God and are ready to do as he says, the door is open. – MSG

Observation – I love this story. It starts in two different settings with three different perspectives: Peter on the roof, Cornelius at home and God revealing himself via visions and angels. It seems larger than life, supernatural and fantastic! Can you see a movie being made?

Yet the message is, ‘God plays no favorites.’  What is so fantastic about that?

The message was absolutely revolutionary! Up to this point in history, social life had only been understood in hierarchical terms. There was the aristocracy, the high priests, the chosen people, kings & queens, tribal chiefs and then the lowly serfs, slaves and common people. Even the temple was divided up into areas of class and gender.

But this story of Peter and Cornelius is remarkable! The world changed that day. God added fuel to a world revolution!  The roots of Christianity were to grow deep among all peoples, no favorites. God was coming to rich and poor, Jew and non-Jew. Instead of a hierarchy, Christians were to see the image of God in everyone!

Application – I’m so tempted to play favorites or put certain people on pedestals. I think of some people as ‘spiritual giants’ or untouchables because of their wealth or expertise. No. Today I must join the Jesus revolution and remember that God plays no favorites. Everyone is God’s favorite, everyone!

Prayer – God who is able to have 8 billion favorites, help me to join you in loving all. In my work and friendships today, I desire to play no favorites but to make everyone my favorite, to extend your love. Help me. 

Lloyd Letkeman

Lloyd is married to Carol and the two of them are Regional Mission Mobilizers – Prairie Region for Mennonite Bretheren Mission.