Join us for 2nd Advent on Sunday, Dec. 4

We are excited about this Sunday’s advent worship!!

As part of our “Simple Christmas”, you are invited to a unique experience of ‘TRUST’ this Sunday. There will be a variety of options, including the opportunity to walk a labyrinth (explanation below), light a candle on behalf of someone (or yourself), partake in communion, draw, journal, read Scripture, quietly reflect on your journey in life and faith, connect with others, and eat some good food!

The worship center will be open from 8 a.m. until noon. All of these opportunities are at your own pace, as there is no formal gathering of everyone at one time. Children are absolutely welcome to participate in every way, and if parents want the chance to have some time on their own, childcare is available for kids age 3-6, from 11-11:45 as usual.

A labyrinth is very simply, a circuitous prayer walk, with an intention to walk to the center, the center of God, and of you! It is not a maze, there are no dead ends, it is the joy and challenge of putting one foot in front of the other on the path God has laid out for you! When you get to the center, you can pause for a while…even sit…and when you’re ready, to journey back.