Interested in being part of the Seeds Virtual Christmas Choir?

Interested in being part of the Seeds Virtual Christmas Choir?

In lieu of a live Christmas production this year, you are invited to be part of a Virtual Choir led by Rick Heppner Mueller.  The group will record one song that will be shared with the Seeds community on December 24th.   Below are the details:

What will it look like?

  1. Singers will first receive a pdf of the sheet music and a practice track recording of their voice part to practice on their own.
  2. Each section will then meet for a separate Zoom rehearsal.  Because of the time delay, all singers mics will be muted and only Rick’s mic will be on.  Singers will sing along with Rick and the piano but will not be heard by the rest of the group.  Dates for rehearsals are TBA.
  3. Lastly, each singer will record a video of themselves on their phone singing their vocal line.  This involves them watching a video of Rick conducting the song and having an ear phone in one ear to hear the piano accompaniment.  The recording will be submitted to a drop box link to be edited together with the rest of the group.  More details and instructions will be given at the Zoom rehearsal.  We might also setup a place at the exchange to record yourself.

How to sign up?

  • Email Joan Funk at: [email protected]
  • Indicate which voice part(s) you are willing and able to sing whether it be Soprano, Alto (melody), Tenor or Bass.  If you are able to sing 2 voice parts (ie: Soprano & Alto) indicate both and Rick will make the final decision based on balance.

Questions? Contact either Joan Funk [email protected] or cell: 204-324-4469 or Rick HM [email protected] or cell: 204-304-1883