In Our Community

In Our Community

GET INVOLVED WITH SOMETHING BIG – MCC is celebrating our 100th anniversary by attempting to collect 6,500 comforters across North America to deliver to people in need all around the world. Get involved by making a comforter at our January 18 event. Come “Stitch a stitch or two” at the Altona MCC on Jan 18, 9am-4pm, or donate a handmade comforter. It’s more than a warm blanker—it’s a message of love and compassion.

Circles of Reconciliation – Seeds Vision Team has been discussing the possibility of forming some Circles of Reconciliation in our community. To learn more about what this is please visit the following link Circles of Reconciliation

There is an information/training event at Ginew Wellness Centre (Roseau River First Nation) Jan 30 from 9:00 to 3:30; that day will be broken into a general overview section from 9:00 to 10:30 and then a training component from 10:30 to 3:30. If you stay for the day, the intention would be for those people to co-facilitate a circle at some point. If that day does not work and you are interested in serving as a facilitator, there is a training event in the city February 7 (6-9) and 8 (10-2:30).

Circles of Reconciliation is founded upon a full, equal partnership. Each circle is comprised of 10 adults (5 Indigenous and 5 non-Indigenous), 2 facilitators (1 Indigenous and 1 non-Indigenous) and meets for 10 sessions on themes that have been written by Indigenous scholars. The middle attachment gives a nice overview of the project.

Our dream would be to host a Circle that would bring together people from Seeds/the Town of Altona and people from Roseau either this spring or next fall/spring. Who knows, this may lead to multiple Circles! If you have any interest in attending the information or the information/training, contact Jonathan Toews by email or cell 204-319-0172.