Seeds Church is once again taking the time to get to know where we are at as a church.  To help us in this, we are inviting everyone who calls Seeds their home to fill out the Reveal Spiritual Life Survey.  This will give us a good sense of where we are as a congregation and how we can better serve the our community in the journey of spiritual growth.

If you are a part of a Cell group you will likely have an opportunity to do the survey in your group.  If you are not connected to a Cell, please pickup a survey at the eXchange on Sunday mornings.

To get helpful input we are being encourage to have at least 100 people (Gr. 6 and over) participate.  If 100 people take the survey, each person will be entered in a draw to win an iPad 2.  But we need at least 100 completed surveys for the contest to kick in.  Encourage your friends and family to share in this great opportunity for Seeds.