December 8 – Decorate!

December 8 – Decorate!

This little craft is a simple garland to bring beauty to your tree! The supplies with instructions are in your box. (Instructions and example below) Want to take a picture? Upload your pics to #seedsadvent2020 and/or tag @seedschurch on Instagram or on Facebook

If you share and tag a picture, you will be entered to win a prize package of Pure Anada lotions, and a variety of beauty products from Mel’s shop at Hair Ecstasy!


Instructions for Garland of Scallop Edged Balls
Supplies: 10 ft string (If you are missing the string contact Wanda Friesen, 60 scalloped circles – 6 different patterns

The goal is to create a garland of 10, 3-D balls placing them 6-8 inches apart, measuring them from edge to edge.

  1. Sort the scalloped circles into groups of 6 and take 6 different patterns for each group – 6 circles will make 1 ball.
  2. Fold all circles in half – works best if you line up the scallops. Place glue on the one half of your first circle and glue another half of the next circle together.
  3. Take another circle and glue one half of that circle to the other half of the circles you’ve already started gluing together.
  4. Keep doing the same thing until you have them all glued together except leave the last two halves unglued.
  5. Finish making all 10 balls, but remembering to leave the last halves unglued!
  6. Take your string and fold it in half
  7. place your first ball 3 inches or so from the middle of the string.
  8. Place your string along the center of the ball where all the halves meet and then glue your last halves together to fasten it to the string.
  9. Place your 2nd ball 3 inches on the other side of the string from the middle point and glue it on.
  10. Then proceed to place the rest of the balls 6 inches apart on each side of the string until you have made the garland.
    Or just place the balls whatever spacing you’d like them apart.
    make a loop at the ends of the string and you are finished making your garland!
    Place it on the tree or in your window or on a shelf or where ever you like!