December 5 – Make an ornament!

This is a simple ornament for your tree! Remember, there are 50 other people making these today! We are all connected…more than you know! If you feel alone today, remember other people are touching some of the same things you are touching. There is beauty in that simple reminder. And the Spirit of God is hovering in your home, connecting all of our hands and hearts together. (See day 5 in your box for supplies and instructions below.)

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 Instructions For Christmas Tree ornament

        Supplies:        cinnamon sticks, ribbons & fabric strips

        1. Invite kids to tie the scraps of ribbons and fabric pieces around and all the way down the cinnamon stick, leaving a bit of the cinnamon stick as the

        2. For best results, bunch the ribbons close together. The ribbons will bend and slightly overlap. Gently tug them into place until you are satisfied with their placement.

      3. Use sharp scissors to trim the ribbon scraps into the shape of a Christmas tree. The end with the loop is the top of the tree!

  4. If desired, melt the edges of the ribbons with a match to avoid further fraying

        5. If desired, top the tree with a wooden star, or yellow button.