This September we will explore a new series…Disconnect!  What is the root of our fragmentaion? We are people that long for connection, yet structure our lives to avoid it. We are "over-committed and under-connected."

We are the most "connected" generation, yet we are disconnected in our soul.

God is eternally connected, in the trinity, in creation, in human lives – inviting us into a dynamic connection rooted in faith, hope & love. What does it mean to re-connect to God, to others, to ourselves, to the world, in a REAL way.

You will continue reading through the New Testament for insight into how the early church attempted to connect with God & each other.

Daily Scripture for Today: Colossians 4:1-6

There are many ways to engage with scripture…here are 2 of them!

1. Use the Divine Reading (Lectio Divina) method of Praying the Scriptures. Listen while you read it slowly. Meditate on what you hear. Speak to God your prayer, thoughts, questions. Rest in God's presence, let His presence wash over you as you sit in quiet.

2. SOAP – Scripture (read it) Observe (ask questions, research, etc) Apply (What does say to me in the present?) Pray (let God know what you're thinking or questioning)