Daily Scripture – October 9, 2014

In October we will explore the question…Why Pray?

When it comes to prayer, the questions are endless…Does prayer really matter? Does prayer really work? Can I influence God? What does it mean to have a connection to God through prayer? Why do some prayers turn me off? Is there a right way to pray? What do I do with all my unanswered prayers? How do I pray on behalf of others? Join us Sunday mornings @10:45 am to explore these questions.

Daily Scripture for Today: 1 Timothy 4:1-16

There are many ways to engage with scripture…here are 2 of them!

1. Use the Divine Reading (Lectio Divina) method of Praying the Scriptures. Listen while you read it slowly. Meditate on what you hear. Speak to God your prayer, thoughts, questions. Rest in God’s presence, let His presence wash over you as you sit in quiet.

2. SOAP – Scripture (read it) Observe (ask questions, research, etc) Apply (What does say to me in the present?) Pray (let God know what you’re thinking or questioning)