Camps With Meaning Update

Camps With Meaning Update

Unique Opportunities to Serve at Camp!  

Camp Health Officer  

Summer camps are always in need of “health officers” in order to ensure that we are providing the  safest program possible…as well as to meet insurance and Manitoba Camping Association standards.  Camps with Meaning welcomes and invites any Physician, RN, LPN or Paramedic who is licensed to work  in Manitoba to come and serve at camp for a week or more. This position is important as we cannot run  camp without a Health Officer present. 

*NOTE: Health Officers are required to have a certain amount of practice hours…a week at camp can  provide you with 37.5 of these hours. Simply indicate that you need these hours to be verified by us! 

Kitchen Helpers/Workers  

“Camp food” is redefined at Camps with Meaning. It’s camper friendly and quite good! Each camp has a  qualified Food Services Coordinator who plans the menu and organizes the work. We welcome and  invite kitchen helpers and the occasional Head Cook to come, prepare and serve the camp….and the  food! 

Camp Pastor  

We give our youth and young adults a huge task when we commission them to carry out the camp  program…but we never leave them alone. We welcome individuals to walk alongside them and support  them! You are invited to come for one week or two (or more!) to guide the staff with daily devotions,  prayer support, and to be involved in the program and get to know the staff! Camp pastors can be  ordained individuals or others with gifts to serve in this capacity! 

Maintenance Workers  

We cannot run camp without adequate facilities! Our camp sites have beautiful grounds, buildings and a  variety of equipment. These physical parts of camp need care, pruning, painting, cleaning,  replacing…and we build new things from time to time. People with gifts in these areas are welcomed  and invited to come take care of camp! Supervision and tools are provided. 


Can we get YOUR church to sponsor a week at camp…and provide the support staff (or a combination of  the support staff) for a week of camp?! These support staff include a camp pastor, kitchen and  maintenance help, and a health officer. Can your small group do it? Or can you provide the leadership to  guide other members of the congregation? That particular week will be dedicated to your church! It  would be neat to see how something like this could inspire congregations to serve at camp in this way!  The support staff that come to serve at camp make camp possible!!