Build A Village – First family is coming!
Message from Dar – We found out late yesterday afternoon that our first of 5 Syrian families is arriving TOMORROW!!  We have been looking for churches/groups to adopt a family and form a support network around them.  No one had claimed this family yet, but at a Build a Village meeting Mel from the United Church stepped up and said YES…we will take them!! Responsive!! We just secured the home for this family, and the owners of that home were quickly moving stuff out to make room for us!  We called around and within the hour we had a bunch of people at the house cleaning, people getting furniture ready, everyone putting their hearts and hands to what is before us!! Responsive!!!  And at the same time there is a family in Lebanon who would have received plane tickets yesterday, to a new land…we cannot fathom the emotions they must have.  As Mel from the United church said, “It feels Bethlehem like”  Indeed!!  And although we are nervous, and THEY must be nervous, I know that Immanuel is HERE!!  So, let it come!
We’ve talked so much about being open, connected and responsive as a community this fall, and I have NO doubt that what we’re seeing right now IS indeed God moving into the neighbourhood, and Jesus being made REAL!!!