Build A Village – Car Seat & Bikes for Refugees

Car Seats – An area car seat tech has been in contact in regards to making sure our refugee families will have the correct car seats.
Here is a fundraising campaign she started to get people involved. Pass it on to others.

W.C. Miller Students – Gavin Faurshau is collecting bikes for his students at Miller to work on and repair to have ready for the families. The sustainable energy students would like to donate bikes to the incoming refugee families that will be arriving in Altona. We have approached Back Alley cycle and they have agreed to donate the parts we would need to repair any bikes that would be donated.

So if you have any bikes (children’s and adult) and any bike trailers, you can drop off any bike during school hours at the hut or at 136 Elmcrest Dr. back yard after school hours. If you need bikes to be picked up please let me know at and I can make arrangements to come and pick them up.