ACAN (Altona Community Action Network) **Updated Information**

ACAN (Altona Community Action Network) **Updated Information**

In Altona, as some of you may know, there is a working group called ACAN- Altona Community Action Network, which looks to green our area and bring environmental and climate issues to our minds.

The ACAN group is planning a family friendly, COVID aware walking tour for the weeks of Sept 27- Oct 11. The hope is to have 16 tour spots that bring to light the positive initiatives already happening in our town.

The walking tour is a map/legend based tour- there will be 16 stops where people can check out, read or access a qr code for information. Each participant will get a map and then check off each stop. Once the map route has been completed they can be dropped off at the Altona United Church drop box and if you sign the map you will be entered into a draw for a green/sustainable prize. There will also be petitions you can add your name to if you want to

a) end plastic bag use in Altona and

b) ask our town council to share or create a climate action plan.

If there are questions please send them to the ACAN email.