Tirrell Thomas – Go Fund Me

Tirrell Thomas – Go Fund Me
On July 2nd, 2024 Tirrell passed away very unexpectedly just days before his 31st birthday. He had been having underlying health issues the last few years, and went in to the Altona hospital on Monday morning, and tragically passed away early Tuesday morning. Tirrell was known and loved by many people, first and foremost his family, the music community that he poured his heart and soul into, and his friends. His loss is shocking and heartbreaking.
The Thomas family has endured deep losses over the last number of years, ones that no family should have to experience. Tirrell’s grandma has lost 3 grandsons in 2 and a half years. As a community we can’t take that away. We can’t make any of that better. But what we can do is alleviate a financial burden that is already crushing. They will need a great deal of help with funeral costs, as well as travel for Tirrell’s dad’s family coming from out of province, and needing places to stay and food to eat.
There is a Go Fund Me set up for Tirrell’s family. If you would like to donate, please click here.
Please don’t think a small amount of money is not worth it. Small acts done with great love can do amazing things!

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