Mennonite Church Manitoba Update

Mennonite Church Manitoba Update

The Menno Office offers community and pastoral care to students and staff at the University of Manitoba. It is operated by the Inter-Mennonite Chaplaincy Association (IMCA), a joint ministry of the EMC, EMMC and MCM. Come to our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, Nov 13 at 12:00 at Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship (150 Bayridge Ave) to meet the chaplain and some of the students, and enjoy a meal together.

INFUSE 2019 – Postponed to April 18, 2020 – MCM’s annual “learning, inspiring, connecting” event is postponed until April 18, 2020.We were unable to pull the resources together in adequate time to make this event approachable for not only pastors and church leaders, but everyone in the congregation.Look for a detailed brochure and basic video promo in the new year. We are hoping Infuse 2020 and the the topic of ‘speaking about our faith’ can be an inspiring time for a wide range of participants.


On the Eve: Resilient Radicals: Our annual MCM youth peace gathering will take place Friday, Nov 8, 7:00-9:00pm at the MCM Office, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd. It will include time for singing, storytelling, prayer and action. Both Jr and Sr High students are welcome. $5.00/person. Hosted by Kathyg. She wants it noted that she is not leading singing, so no worries. Visit the event page


MCM Leadership Day – “Re-learning to Swim in Baptismal Waters” – Nov 27, 2019. 9:00am – 3:30pm @ Camp Assiniboia
Baptism is one of the most primitive and primal of all Christian acts and it has been a focal point in the life of Christian communities since the baptism of Jesus recorded in the Gospels.  The act simply involves a washing in the name of that very Trinity yet it in the history of Christianity it is a defining act – to be Christian is to be baptized.  The past couple of decades have brought serious challenges to the practice of baptism.  Do we really need baptism…to be Christian? To participate at the Lord’s Supper? To be part of the Body of Christ, the church? On this leadership day, we will engage issues connected to the contemporary practice of baptism in our communities and together consider ways of developing a healthy baptismal ecology in our churches.
NOTE: This event is not just for pastors. All are welcome.
Click here for more info, including the schedule, and to register.
Manitoba Opera “#churchtoo” conversation

The Manitoba Opera is holding a panel discussion about sexual abuse in faith communities in conjunction with their presentation of “Susannah”. Wednesday, November 13. 7:00pm in the Manitoba Museum Auditorium. Panelists will include Carolyn Klassen and Jaymie Friesen who helped lead our #churchtoo manitoba event. See the poster, left, or download the  (8MB .pdf) print version, for more details.