1 Week until our 1st Annual Seeds weekend @ St. Malo, May 19-22

Come and join us at our 1st Annual May Long weekend, May 19-22, @ St. Malo

Want to camp? Book your own site for that weekend…try for Bay 11…or your favourite spot. For booking, use the following link: reservations. There are still several sites left in Bay 11.

Want to come for a day? Come on Saturday, May 20 or Sunday, May 21 and bring your own lunch and enjoy the day @ St Malo. We’ll gather at Bay 11 site #14 to have lunch together.

There will be no formally organized times during this weekend but we hope the weekend will lend itself to times of connections, play, laughter and rest.

Questions or comments? Contact Joan by email [email protected] or call 204-324-4469.